Providing Commercial and Industrial Solutions at Wholesale Prices

Who we are

Tracing its roots back to parent company Bandacorp PI Inc., Banda Solar was formed to meet the growing demand for solar solutions, both in the Philippines and internationally. The Banda group of companies was established in the environmentally protected green zone of Subic Bay Freeport Zone in 2006. We design and supply equipment for solar powered systems for commercial, government, industrial, and residential customers.

Our Mission

To be the most competitive local manufacturer, fabricator, assembler and supplier of solar powered products to the Philippine solar industry by supplying Small-Medium Enterprises, Government, Contractors and Installer of Solar Solutions.

Our Vision

Providing custom solar solutions to installers from remote power systems to commercial grade solar powered lighting. BandaSolar wants to be the source for all of your renewable energy needs while promoting the renewable energy economy in the Philippines.

Our Commitment

Our company partners only with carefully selected reputable manufacturers to ensure the high quality of the products we offer to our valued customers. BandaSolar addresses the global concerns of rising energy costs and environmental protection through our developments in the use of solar energy. It is our belief that the energy choices we make today will profoundly impact the future of life on our planet.

Your Partner in Industrial Lighting and Solar Power Solutions

Solar power is an effective, proven alternative to traditional utility power, and for many locations around the world it is one of the only alternatives.

Make it happen with Banda Solar!

Solar Power truly seemed to be the solution to our ever increasing demand for energy that sees more and more fossil fuels burned every day. The Sun's energy has been proven to be the strongest in our galaxy and dwarfs even the strongest nuclear power plants combined! It is thanks to ever improving solar technology that we are able to harness its clean renewable power potential and turn it to multiple alternative energy applications.

  • 88 Minutes

    The Sun provides as much energy in 88 minutes as humans consumes globally in one year.

  • 35M Tonnes

    35 Million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions are prevented annually by all solar energy users.

  • 95 Percent

    Photovoltaic systems produce net clean electricity for more than 95% of their lifetime.

  • 25 Years

    Solar panels have an expected lifespan of 25-30 years.